Maintainability and Reusability

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It is the ability of the system to undergo changes with a degree of ease. In simple words, how easily changes can be made into functionality to meet new business requirements.

Points to be considered:

  • Industry standard coding standards.
  • GoF and other design patterns.
  • TDD or ATDD technique
  • RESTful API standards.
  • DDD patterns to solve complex domain.
  • Anti-Corruption Layer (ACL) between modern and legacy system.


It is the ability of the component or sub-system which can be reused in other applications or in other scenarios. It minimizes the duplication of components and reduce the implementation time.

Points to be considered:

  • GoF Design Patterns.
  • Designing reusable components and sub-systems.
  • Usage of code analysis tool to identify redundant code.
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