DAR (Decision Analysis and Resolution)

When to create:

Decision Analysis and Resolution is a formal evaluation process which helps in identifying the best solution or product when there are multiple solutions/products available to serve the same business need.

Points to be considered:

As DAR is a formal evaluation process so it has a formal template as well where the following points should be considered before and during evaluation process:

Before evaluation process:
  • Identify evaluation criteria:
    • Understand the business needs
    • Identify the required capabilities of the product/solution which you are looking for. Here you need to think from both technology and business standpoints
    • Note down all criteria for which you will be evaluating the alternative products/solutions.
  • Define scale for each criteria:
    • Define the scale between 0 to 5 ( 0 – poor and 5 very good) and mention clearly when to give which score during evaluation.
  • Give weightage to each criteria:
    • This is very important to give the weightage to each identified criteria so that it can be evaluated quantitatively and not qualitatively.
  • Identify the possible alternative solutions/products: Identify all the possible solutions/products which can serve the business need.


During evaluation process:
  • Evaluate each identified solution/product against identified criteria.
  • For each criteria, mention the score by considering its mentioned scale (0 to 5)
  • Mention the facts in supporting excel sheet or other docs.
  • Calculate the weightage score by multiplying the given score with weightage.DAR
  • Final score will help you in recommending the best possible solution.
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