Non-Functional Requirements

Non-functional requirements are the main forces driving architecture and design decisions, not the functional requirements. Because non-functional requirements mainly drive our design so you can begin developing your architecture while functional requirements are still incomplete or unstable.

Non-functional requirements:

  • Quality requirements
    • Design Qualities: Conceptual Integrity, Maintainability and Reusability.
    • Runtime Qualities: Availability, Interoperability, Manageability, Performance, Reliability, and Scalability.
    • System and User Qualities: Supportability, Testability, Usability.
  • Cross Cutting Concerns
    • Security, Configuration, Communication, Caching, Exception Handling, State Management, Logging, Monitoring.
  • IT Constraints
    • Systems Management, Installation, Integration with other systems, Company Standards/Policies.
  • Others Constraints/factors:
    • Legal, Packaging, Licensing, Cost, Time to market.
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