SharePoint 2010 : Creating Adding, Deploying and Activating Solution (WSP file)

1. Generating WSP file:  Just build & package your SharePoint Project or Solution file in Visual Studio 2010.

2.  Adding Soultion: 

  • Run  SharePoint 2010 Administrator Admin service (Administrator tools>>Service)
  • Open SharePoint 2010 Management Shell (which will open  power shell window)
  • Run Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath c:……….SolutionFileName.wsp 

 2.  Installing Soultion: There are two ways : using Power Shell  and Central Administrator Site

  • Using Power Shell
    • Run Install-SPSolution -Identity SolutionFileName.wsp -WebApplication http://servername -GACDeployment
  • Using Central Administrator Site
    • Click on System Setting link (on the left side)
    • Click on Manage Farm Solutions link under Farm Management section
    • Click on your solution file
    • Click on Deploy Solution link

3.  Activating Solution Features:

  • Open your site as an Administrator
  • Click on Site Settings under sub-menu Site Actions
  • Click on Site Collection Features link under Site Collection Administrator section
  • On your deployed solution row and click on the activate button
If you find any issue with the above steps, please send an mail to

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