.Net memory types

.Net uses several types of memory like stack, unmanaged heap and the managed heap.

Stack :

·         It is managed on a per thread basis and is used to store local variables, method parmaters and temporary values.

·         GC doesn’t clean stack as its get automatically cleaned when the method returns.

·         The refrences to objects is stored on the stack but the actual object gets allocated on heap and GC is aware of that. When the GC could not find a refrences for an object it removes it from the heap.

Unmanaged Heap: Unmanaged code will allocate objects on the unmanaged heap or stack.

 Managed Heap: Managed code allocates objects on managed heap and GC takes care of management of managed heap. GC also maintains a Large Object Heap to compensate the cost of moving large objects in memory.

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