Monitoring and Logging

In Microservice Architecture (MSA), it is recommended to use centralized Logging and monitoring tools.

Logging in MSA

Components required for logging:

  • Log Store: where logs are going to be stored.
  • Logging API: An API responsible for logging the log details.
  • User interface to view the logs.

Types of logging information:
  • Information:
    • Only business-related information
    • And, should not contain technical information
  • Error:
    • Error or exception raised into the service
    • Call stack details
  • Debug
    • Technical information like response time of a method, input or output parameters, etc.
  Note: Use a unique transaction or correlation id to identify the transaction.

Monitoring in MSA

Continuous monitoring is always required in MSA. To start, identify what to be monitored, note down all points and evaluate all available monitoring solutions and tools.
Types of monitoring information:
  • Application Performance Monitoring
  • Infrastructure and Network Monitoring
  • Resource Monitoring
  • Security Monitoring

Few common monitoring points:

  • Number of requests per API.
  • Request categorization by criteria (for example, remote-host).
  • Monitoring containers and APIs.
  • Performance statistics like CPU usage, latency, etc.
  • Successful and exception messages.
  • Financial Transaction are secure/accurate or not.
  • Blocked messages, breaching gateway policies.
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