How to Identify Bounded Contexts?

There are two ways to identify the bounded contexts..

Traditional Approach (by business capabilities)

Traditional Approach is useful when team is aware about the domain and requirements are clear and well defined. This approach can be used when there is need to design and develop software for solving the complex domain which was not designed or developed before, totally fresh project. For more details, refer article “Identifying Microservices using Traditional Approach”.

Event Storming

Event Storming: This session based technique is very useful when there is a need to modernize the legacy application targeting any complex domain area.
    • Event storming is a workshop-based technique to model microservices, invented by Alberto Brandolini in the context of domain driven design (DDD).
    • It is easy and light-weight technique as compared to traditionally way of identifying bounded contexts and domain models.
    • Event storming provides a way to ensure that sequence of events along with the application state which happens during the lifetime of the application has been well understood and scoped by the team.
For more detail, refer article “Event Storming”.
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